School Zone Publishing SZP06316 Big Kindergarten Workbook

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School Zone Publishing SZP06316 Big Kindergarten Workbook
The "K" in "K-12" Starts here! From the Alphabet to Colors and Shapes, to the Numbers 0-12, Math Skills 1-20, and Reading Readiness, this activity workbook is designed to give your child all the basics he or she will learn in kindergarten and help set the stage for first grade. For ease of use, the workbook is divided into 5 color-coded sections, with a Parent Note page leading into each. With basic skills noted at the bottom of each page, you will be able to guide your child through the challenges of the "K" curriculum sequentially. This is a great workbook with foundational skills that can lay the groundwork for years of successful learning. Go for the School Zone Workbook Advantage™ and give your child a great start!