Pro Laser Photo Tachometer

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Pro Laser Photo Tachometer
Features and Benefits
  • Focused, high intensity Class II Laser beam can detect RPM readings from up to 6 feet away, improving safety near moving engine parts.
  • Improved design with ergonomic shape and continuous backlit LCD display; great tool for easy and accurate measurement of RPM.
  • Memory functions capture maximum, minimum and last reading
  • Applications include: diesel engines, gasoline engines, outboard engines, marine engines, small engines, snowmobile engines, industrial engines and more
  • Professional grade test instrument; carrying case, battery and instructions included
Premium photo tachometer detects RPM readings with a 0 to 99,999 RPM range. Focused laser beam allows longer detection distance up to 6 feet. Easy to use and with an accuracy rating of +/- 0.05% +1 digit.  Easy to see 5 digit display with continuous backlighting.  Sampling rate of 2 readings per second.
Repair only up to 1 yr