Houseware Half Pallet - 1536 Pieces

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Houseware Half Pallet - 1536 Pieces
The Houseware Half Pallet comes with 1536 pieces of everyday items that can be found in any home including but not limited to:oval containers, corn holders, deluxe bottle and can openers, drain stoppers, pastry brush sets, blind cleaners, rubber sink mats, deluxe steak knifes, compact can openers, plastic wrap, nut crackers, corer peelers, bag clips, faucet nozzles, sink strainers, BBQ brush with scraper,s, measuring spoons, cheese slicers, kitchen clips, chrome can and bottle openers, kitchen shears, super spatulas, toothpick dispensers, meat thermometers, corkscrews, mini turners,angled kitchen brush, blue grip cheese slicers, wood handled nylon spoons, meat and poultry basters, spreader, pizza cutter, spatulas, apple corers, cake servers, soap dispensers, potato mashers, measuring spoons, grip graters, ice cream scoopers, egg slicers, cocktail forks, tomato slicers, pairing knives, cake decorating kits and much more. Pallet includes either 24 or 36 pieces of 48 unique household general items. All 1536 items on the pallet have the same UPC. Pallet comes shrink wrapped and on a cardboard stand as pictured for quick set up and store display.