3.5 Ton Service Jack with Free 3011704 Helmet

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3.5 Ton Service Jack with Free 3011704 Helmet

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully ASME-PASE 2014 certified 3.5 ton magic lift service jack
  • Patented Magic Lift quick to load system usually one pump to load
  • U joint release for fine load control while lowering
  • Includes free 3011744 Save Phace welding helmet
  • Matching camouflage graphics on helmet and jack

With the 29037SPCAMO not only are you getting a powerful 3.5 ton service jack you will also be getting a top of the line Save Phace welding helmet. The jack comes loaded with professional features like a fast lift and a u-joint release.  The welding helmet has the full adjustability from grinding mode all the way up to a shade 13 and offers 40 square inches of ear to ear vision while welding.  On top of that they both come in a great looking camouflage graphic that will stand out in the shop and match your lifestyle.

1 yr warranty on material and workmanship